"Leader Program" this year: single crystal in the "public run", only polycrystalline in the "lead"

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"Leader" program has been introduced more than a year, including single crystal, polycrystalline, thin film components have developed a different efficiency lower limit, which is 17% single crystal components, polycrystalline components is 16.5%, 12% . After a year of testing, about 20% of polycrystalline products meet the "leader" program standards, a small number of leading enterprises and efficient products are leading the polycrystalline technological innovation; and almost 100% standard components, there is no power to promote technological progress .

"A few lead the majority" is the original intention of the plan
Inner Mongolia recently introduced the "leader" program preferred bonus points, regardless of single polycrystalline and film efficiency of the only way to add points, causing controversy within the industry. According to Inner Mongolia's bonus points, accounting for 90% of the share of the province has a significant single crystal business plus advantage, while the film was directly excluded. Some professionals pointed out that this preferred bonus points do not meet the "leader" plan to develop the original intention.

Some people "leader" program understood as the promotion of "conversion efficiency" of the technology, in fact, this idea is a misunderstanding. In the "leader" plan before the development of China's PV industry thriving global, but the development of various categories of enterprises vary. The "pioneer" plan was developed with the aim of "advanced technology leading" and "advanced enterprise leading" to fully utilize resources, eliminate backward production capacity and promote PV industry to gradually get rid of subsidies.

Therefore, if a technology most enterprises can achieve, then there is no advanced nature at all. Should be a small number of enterprises to achieve, and then promote the progress of progress, or advanced technology capacity to be released, and backward production capacity to be replaced. Until most of them have reached, and then upgrade the advanced standards, and always form a small number of "lead" the competitive situation. This is the "leader" plan to develop the original intention. Therefore, both the single crystal, polycrystalline, or thin film, should take into account the normal distribution efficiency of components of the principle of a small number of efficient products that meet the "leader" program requirements, leading to high efficiency photovoltaic products development.

Single crystal standard is too low Enterprises do not have the power to carry out technological innovation
According to the single-crystal components 17% of the "leader" standard projections, "leader" requirements of the single-crystal components, the corresponding battery efficiency is greater than 19.6%, while the major domestic single-crystal battery mass production benchmark efficiency have been At about 19.8%, the proportion of single crystal components satisfying the "leader" condition is almost 100%.

Obviously, the "leader" plan for the development of low-standard single crystal, which resulted in existing companies do not have the power to invest in new technologies to improve efficiency. Such as efficiency can be more than 20% of the PERC battery technology, are just that much less investment, not to mention the Japanese and American companies respected efficiency of up to 23-25% of the N-type crystal. According to estimates, the efficiency of more than 20% of the PERC single crystal made of single crystal components (60/72) wattage of at least 285 watts / 340 watts, according to this standard to statistics, in 1GWT Datong leader program, Truly efficient single crystal ratio of only 110 megawatts, less than 11%. Leader in the project, the single crystal components are in the "public run", did not see the "lead" technology.

Thin-film technology is now in a relatively awkward situation, even if the 12% of the standard, but many projects are reluctant to adopt, mainly taking into account cost-effective.

"Leader" program to effectively promote the progress of polycrystalline technology
Absolute value from the efficiency point of view, must be higher than the polycrystalline single crystal, but the final fight on the market or cost-effective, that is, the whole life cycle of the system cost of electricity. From the amount of investment, the cost of electricity, polycrystalline with the advantages of cost-effective, still occupy the market mainstream.

Jingao, Jingke, Artes, Trina and other photovoltaic bigwigs are expected to light the current production capacity of more than 35 GW annual production of polycrystalline components, in line with the leader of the program has nearly 10 GW, in full compliance with the annual 4.5 Gwwa PV Leader Program requirements. In the first half of 2016 polysilicon components in short supply after the situation improved, polycrystalline components in the "leader" in the proportion of the program will gradually rise. In addition to the release and transfer of production capacity, a series of highly efficient technology in the application of polycrystalline products will also promote the conversion efficiency of polycrystalline products, the proportion of over-line increase.

In recent years, diamond lines cut in the field of polycrystalline large-scale promotion, will significantly reduce the cost of silicon wafer cutting. At the same time supporting the black silicon battery technology can improve the polycrystalline silicon film surface trapping characteristics, significantly reduce the diamond wire cutting brings high reflectivity, suede structure close to the Czochralski crystal products. At the same time, PERC battery technology in the field of polycrystalline applications are increasingly widespread, the global P-type polycrystalline battery production capacity is to PERC technology transfer, is expected in the near future to become P-type crystalline silicon solar cell conventional process.

In the "leader" policy support, the domestic mainstream photovoltaic enterprises will be based on various categories of technology comprehensive cost-effective, multi-crystal-based, single crystal secondary, give full play to the role of leading manufacturers, eliminate backward production capacity, leading efficient technology Of innovation.


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